Dear all,

After last weeks email when I mentioned snow and sun sky in one day, I did not think that this week Glasgow was going to be exactly that!  Although I should have really.

The the little jobs I had planned this week were put to the side and I was on the laptop working, but I did manage to make two snow humanoids with a young man.  We named them Jerry and Blob.  Jerry had arms made of snow, so looked a bit like a lopsided fat Popeye and Blob was probably  equal amounts leaves and snow, but we had a good time making them on Tuesday!

A reminder, as if anyone needed it, that a ‘snaccident’ is the inadvertent eating of an entire packet of biscuits [etc] when you meant to have just the one!  I am sure in lockdown we have all had a moment or two of indulgence.

I was watching an advert about NHS scams which truly disgusted me, during a pandemic, people praying on others.

‘Smoke-seller’ (16th century): a conniving swindler or scammer. If, like so many people I know and care about, you’ve been a victim of a scam, please speak up, and help put a stop to them.

Barclay card have a good site find out more here: 

We have been reporting spam and scam emails received to Spam Emails which is a government run initiative.

The passing of Captain Tom was a ‘thinkache which is a 19th century word used to express a moment of anguish or painful realisation. And ‘sorrow-struck’ speaks for many of us I think. RIP @captaintommoore.  The tributes paid to a remarkable man were moving and a beautiful tribute.

I do follow Susie Dent on Twitter and watched Countdown for years.

Kindness never goes out of fashion

A landlord who had showed compassion and kindness to his student tenant during the pandemic, has been praised on social media around the world.

The story went viral when a 20 year old student from Truro in Cornwall shared on social media her text conversation with the landlord who unexpectedly offered her and her college mates a rent reduction.

“I’m going to reduce your rent for February by 50% given the circumstances. I hope this goes at least some way towards putting a smile on your faces today!” – read the spontaneous text message that Katerina Callaghan, the Falmouth University, received from the landlord.

When she messaged the landlord back to thank him for his kind offer, Katerina also mentioned that she hadn’t been feeling well. Her landlord’s response was immediate – “Is there anything I can do for you? Do you need me to get anything for you?” – he said and rushed to deliver paracetamol at Katerina’s request.

“He was actually rather sweet – just dropped the painkillers off and left in order not to disturb me,” explained Katerina.

Genuine concern for tenants

This is not the only time the landlord has gone the extra mile for his tenants. When Katerina and her fellow college mates moved in to the flat in August 2020, the landlord brought cupcakes on the first day of meeting them.

Katerina commented: “Our landlord is normally someone to check in on us.

“He’s often expressed some level of worry as I deal with chronic pain and he’s asked if I have needed things before,” she explained.

Katerina’s post on social media has received hundreds of comments and more than 10,000 ‘upvotes’ showing the extent of “support and love” for the landlord.

It’s worth noting that Katerina’s experience is not an isolated case. She herself has a couple of stories from other tenants that have made her “all the more thankful for the kindness,” she says

How is the market doing?

Whilst coronavirus restrictions tightened throughout the quarter as evidence of a second wave began to build, the property market was however kept fully open allowing tenants opportunity to change their environment to suit their needs and adapt to new home and working requirements.

Glasgow and surrounding Local Authority regions of South Lanarkshire and Renfrewshire posted the largest year on year rises as a systemic imbalance between demand and supply tightened. Rents in Glasgow rose 5.7% to stand at £848 on average with a TTL of just 20 days. 75% of properties to rent in Glasgow let within a month. The reported figures for the Greater Glasgow region add further countenance to conjecture that the pandemic was leading to widespread exodus from cities. Should the vaccine programme be delivered on schedule and to effect, Scotland’s urban rental markets may emerge relatively intact.

Despite the acceleration to full lockdown at quarter end, the rental market is likely to remain buoyant as the need to choose home environments suitable to some degree of home working continues for many.


Any what better way to end this weeks email than the above message form Colin,

Take care and I hope you have a lovely week.

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