All of our managed properties are registered with Landlord Registration Scotland. We ensure we only take on the highest quality accommodation and assist in landlords' legal obligations being met.

Repairs & Emergency Numbers

Please note tenants are responsible for maintaining fuses, light bulbs and alarm batteries even on mains wired smoke detectors.

The numbers below are for use in emergency only. Non emergencies may be charged to the tenant. Please read the relevant information below prior to calling the appropriate number. This information is here to assist you.

If you smell gas in your property, please turn off the supply at your meter and contact the National Gas Emergency Service on 0800 111 999.

Please open doors and windows and avoid the use of naked flames or electrical switches.

If there is loss of power, please check all fuses and circuit breakers, including plugs. Alternatively contact your energy supplier/ check to see if other properties are experiencing the same issue as there may be a power cut in your area.

For breakdown of large domestic appliances such as cookers and washing machines, please check the instruction manual. If you do not have the instruction manual, go online or contact the number for the manufacturer to obtain one. If there is still a problem, please contact our office here (link) or call with the serial number, make, model and full description of the fault.

In the case of small appliances like kettles or toasters, please check fuses and plugs and if necessary contact us and we will let you know whether to replace it.

Please turn off the stopcock (location of which is detailed in your inventory) and all water supplies before calling our emergency contractor.

If there is no water supply, please contact Scottish Water on 0800 0778 778

Please see advice and contact details for Community Safety Glasgow

For plumbing or heating emergencies, please see the number below.
Please inform our office by the next available working day if you have had to contact our emergency number.

CC Plumbing and Heating can be contacted on 07907 802 749.

For electrical emergencies please contact Kearn Electrical Services on 07794558970.

Please only call the out of hours numbers in the case of an emergency.

What to expect as a tenant

When searching for a property it is always best to give clear definition of areas you are interested in and rental budget. Please note that most rents advertised do not include utility bills and council tax, unless otherwise stated. If you are a student you are exempt from council tax, but it is the tenants responsibility to apply for any exemptions.
We provide accompanied viewings, so you will be able to ask any questions about the property whilst viewing. We then have the opportunity to meet you and learn more about you.
To secure the property we normally require a holding fee to take the property off the market. Once all relevant references are received and we have a date of check in agreed, we will provide the lease and tenancy documentation for signing and your deposit will be lodged in a government approved tenancy deposit scheme, in accordance with current legislation.

You can then move in and we will provide a schedule of inventory. We will then arrange quarterly property inspections with you and arrange access for annual safety certificates. If you wish to leave the property there is a 2 month notice period.

We would always advise it is best for you to arrange your own contents insurance. Please see below links.