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I have been in the throws of the new way of working from home and home schooling and I think that my household has found its groove, although that could be famous last words.

Part of the home schooling information I was reminded of was that the origin of the word “planet” is the Greek word planetes, which means “wanderer.” The Greeks called planets this because unlike the stars that stayed in place, the planets wandered across the night’s sky.

I found that quite interesting, but the origin of words is quite fascinating.

Following on from last weeks email, a landlord has asked why the landlord loan is a loan and not a grant.  Mike Campbell from Scottish Association of landlords has given the answer that landlords are seen as investors by the Scottish Government and not running a business which is why the funds are a loan and not a grant.

You can apply for the loan if you have suffered financial loss due to the pandemic, this can be a tenant not paying rent while in tenancy or if the property has a void period.

We are in talks with a new company that can supply a rent guarantee for new tenancies, which I wasn’t sure would be possible at this time, however Royal Sun alliance are the rent guarantee insurance underwriters.  We are having a meeting with them tomorrow, so I should have more information in the next few weeks.

We received updates from the Scottish Association of landlords and often that is what I sue for these emails.  As the Energy Performance is on the Scottish Government to do list, it is a focal point, below is a copy of the email that we have received from SAL in partnership with the Home energy trust.

There’s plenty of help available to registered landlords looking to improve the energy efficiency of their rental properties. 
Our private landlord specialists can advise you on what energy efficiency improvements you could make and what funding may be available, supporting you every step of the way. Read on to find out more or call us on 0808 808 2282.

Why it pays to be an energy efficient landlord
There are lots of benefits to making your properties more energy efficient. Improving the rating of your properties will help you meet future minimum energy efficiency standards. Energy efficient properties can reduce potential problems like damp and condensation. Cosy, efficient homes are more attractive to tenants, which could also lead to a lower turnover of tenants and void periods. Your tenants could benefit from lower energy bills, reducing their risk of fuel poverty. You’ll be playing your part in tackling Scotland’s carbon emissions. You could boost your income by installing renewable technology.
Minimum energy efficiency standards
The minimum energy efficiency standards were expected to come into force from 1 April 2020 but have been delayed because of the COVID-19 crisis. When the regulations are made law the requirements are expected to be: If you’re starting a new tenancy, the property will need to have an EPC rating of at least band D by 1 April 2022. All rented properties, regardless of tenancy period, will need to have an EPC rating of at least band D by 31 March 2025. Find out more
Advice and property assessments 
Whether you’re looking to discuss your Energy Performance Certificate, have a detailed property assessment or talk through funding options, we can help. Our specialist advisors are able to create various scenarios to help you find the best package of improvements which meet your requirements, without going over budget.
Find out more.
Private Rented Sector Landlord Loan 
Funded by the Scottish Government, this loan can be used for a variety of energy efficiency improvements such as boilers and insulation, and home renewables systems like solar PV and heat pumps.
Find out more
Get started
If you need to make improvements to your properties, now’s the time to start. Request a call back from one of our friendly advisors and get expert, impartial advice for free. Getting started really is that simple.
Contact us

Hopefully you will have used the link from last weeks email to check the EPC rating for your property and have an idea of any improvements that can be made.

I know that this email is not as detailed as usual, but I have realized that math is no longer just sums, and there are pictures and the questions are in codes and riddles for example “work out the edge area of 7 Octagons with an edge of 3.274 cm” which had a picture of a rocket with  teeth beside it!  It sounds as strange as I describe it.  It was 7*8*3.274.

My friends and u have been discussing is this the 28th day of the 21st year or is 2021 the 20th year  of the 21st century which started Jan 1st 2001.  Lockdown, what else are we going to discuss in zoom!

If there is any questions or something that you would like further information about regarding what is happening in the lettings world, please email admin@glasgowpropertyletting,com and we can create an email, because if you have that question, chances are someone else does too.

 Take care and hope that all is well.

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