Dear all,

From the subject header you may think this is a mammoth email, but don’t worry, it’s not.

Although we may need information from you if you have a maintenance contract or a preferred contractor.

At the start of the pandemic the Scottish government introduced the emergency coronavirus 2020 legislation which has had over 300 amendments that directly affect landlords and these emails are the method we use to keep you up to date and as informed as possible.

Like landlords, Letting agents need to be registered with the Scottish government, which is why Glasgow property letting adhere to the letting agent code of practice making sure you as a landlord, and we as agents, are compliant. From the 1st December Glasgow property letting will begin the process to renewing our registration, which is exciting administration work that luckily for the team I enjoy.

Colin felt as the weather was taking a turn the tenants should be reminded about boiler and condensation guidance.

On Tuesday the tenants were sent out an email which also had the link to

Which is how we ask tenants to report repairs.  This is so we have a clear idea of the issue, which can be sent onto you as the landlord, contractor and the tenant also receives a copy.  Also there are guides if it is an issue a tenant can resolve themselves, such as water pooling at the bottom of the fridge, and how to clear that blockage.

All tenants are informed of maintenance contractors at the start of the lease, as well as details being left in the property, but we’ve all misplaced or forgotten things and reporting the issue through fix flow is easy.

At the moment all issues come through to and our maintenance team check and filter the repairs from there, informing the appropriate contractors.

Colin and I have been in talks with fix flow and will be taking advantage of their upgraded system. Basically the new system will be slightly more automated, informative and hopefully it will save time and costs for call outs.

If you have a maintenance contract with a company like saltire, Scottish gas or someone you know can you please fill out the details below and return via email.  These details will then be added to fix flow so if your tenant reports an issue, which is available 24/7,  they will be reminded of the details of your contractor, as well as your contractor being emailed to informed them of the issue.  If you do not have a preferred contractor, not to worry, the contractors we use are fully insured, compliant and as we deal with them frequently can offer competitive prices.

ContractorAccount/reference number
Property Address  
Additional details  

In the new year we will be sending out terms of business to landlords, it is best practice to do this.  I know this is a lengthy document which is why I have attached a blank copy for you to have a look over.  There will be questions and I have found that if you can email in the points from the terms of business that you want to talk about this means we can have the answers ready.

Robin has suggested to have a zoom room to chat about the terms of business, which I think is a great idea as we can share screens and we can see each other, which is always nice.

Modern technology is great in so many ways.

Kindest Regards

Michelle ODonnell

Branch Manager

17 Elmbank Street


G2 4PB

0141 221 3990


Registration number LARN1903009

VAT : 174415411


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