Dear All,

As you know I was on annual leave this week and I decided to extend it until next week as I still have annual leave to use, so this is a short email to make sure that everyone is okay and a refresher on a few things.

So far there have not been (m)any family disagreements, and I am certain that the board games have been rigged as I have not won a single one, but we have been having a lovely time and the schools are off for another few days and we are making the most of it even through the typical Glasgow dreicht weather is here.
This is a short email as I have a little man who wants to have a game of “King of Tokyo” which will be our 7th game and the 7th one I have failed to be successful with.

I have attached some useful landlord information which I know that you are aware of, but it is always good to have a refresher and reminder about the legislation and responsibilities.
I have attached :
• Landlord flow chart which is a step by step guide of renting a property
• Brief summary of the private rented tenancy agreement
• Fact sheet on the coronavirus act
• Energy efficiency and Energy Performance Certificate factsheet.
Although the energy efficiency dates for property has been pushed back, it will happen and wise to start thinking about ways that the rental property can be improved and the energy efficiency rating increased.
I believe that the attached leaflet has been posted through many houses indicating that everyone needs to have compliant properties, and we will update you when more information becomes available.
Scottish legislation | Scotland | Fire and smoke alarms – Aico
New Scottish legislation for Fire and Smoke alarms – are you compliant? You must comply to the new legislation by February 2021.. Scottish legislation has changed. Introduced in February 2019, the change applies to all households in Scotland and must be met by February 2021.

As the restrictions and lockdown and this horrible virus seems to be making sure that it is making a continuous impact in our lives, it is apt that today is global handwashing day.
Global Handwashing Day (15th October) | Days Of The Year
If you think that not washing your hands after leaving the bathroom is disgusting, then you’ll probably be surprised at how many people don’t wash their hands daily. Thus, comes in Global Handwashing Day, a day where good hygiene is encouraged and practiced all around the world by millions of people. So let’s get started […]

Take care, stay safe and the new normal of service will resume next week when I am back,

Kindest Regards

Michelle O’Donnell
Branch Manager

077 2000 9850

17 Elmbank Street
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0141 221 3990

Registration number LARN1903009
VAT : 174415411

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