“The crisp path through the field in this December snow, in the deep dark, where we trod the buried grass like ghosts on dry toast.” – Dylan Thomas, Quite Early One Morning: Stories

“Ah, distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December; And each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon the floor.” – Edgar Allan Poe

This holiday season let us treasure what is truly important in all our lives, the reason for the season: Cookies.

Dear all,

I have a correction from email sent last week that was immediately brought to my attention by Colin. Due to listening to Radio 2 when Terry Wogan was in charge of the breakfast show and then Chris Evens took over, I earned a reputation as being a “Young Fogie”, not an old fogie as I wrote. To add to this reputation, I channel hopped once Chris Evens left Radio 2 and Colin would hear me grumble about how Radio 1, and several other channels were too young for me, “just played noise” and “too silly for me” until I settled on BBC Radio Scotland.

My little man is through to the finals for his talent competition singing a song far older than him and almost as old as me. To answer a question I have been messaged, no I did not know what “Rick Rolling” was and yes, my devious child has admitted to Rick rolling his school. As there is no maliciousness in it or intent to be cruel, maybe aside from the singing, harmless fun will hopefully be had in the final. And after a fairly bleak year, everyone needs a reason to smile.

Landlord Studies
Small-scale landlords with only one property or a small portfolio, are viewed as high quality providers in many tenants’ eyes, a new study has revealed.
Rent Better, a three-year research programme on the impact of private rented sector tenancy reform in Scotland (namely the introduction of the new Private Residential Tenancy which replaced the Short Assured Tenancy), found a higher level of tenant satisfaction in private renting than was often alleged.

Importance of trusted landlord-tenant relationship
The research emphasised the importance of maintaining positive, trusting landlord-tenant relationships and suggested that there was clear evidence that landlords who were proactive and nurtured good, close relationships with their tenants, reaped rewards for both.
The Rent Better report also revealed that there was a high level of tenant confidence to be able to stay in their tenancy. The most important aspects of security from tenants’ perspectives were affordability, trust in the landlord and secure employment.

Ban on Evictions over the Festive Period
Landlords in the Scottish private rented sector will be prevented from evicting their tenants over the festive period, the Scottish Government has announced.
The Coronavirus (Scotland) Act 2020, introduced at the beginning of the pandemic to protect tenants from evictions, applies to all notices issued on or after 7th April 2020. Originally intended to be effective till 30th September 2020, the emergency law was then extended until 31st March 2021, with some changes to notice periods.

Tougher eviction laws
However, the Scottish Governments has decided to introduce new stricter regulations which will prevent eviction orders being brought between 11th December 2020 and 22nd January 2021, with the exception of cases where serious antisocial behaviour is concerned.

This move is intended to give extra protection to tenants during the Coronavirus crisis and reduce the burden on local authorities, whose duty is to rehouse people made homeless through evictions, explained Housing Minister, Kevin Stewart. It is also aimed at making it easier for people to self-isolate if they choose to form extended bubbles over Christmas, when the relaxation of restrictions is taking place.
Mr Stewart said: “We took early action to, in effect, halt eviction action until March 2021 due to the pandemic. We have supported tenants throughout this difficult period through a number of actions including increasing our Discretionary Housing Fund from £11 million to £19m to provide additional housing support and shortly we will introduce our Tenant Hardship Loan Fund.
“We are now taking this additional, temporary step after carefully assessing the unique housing situation created by the pandemic.
“A temporary ban on carrying out evictions will give additional peace of mind to tenants over Christmas and into the new year. It will also prevent additional burdens being placed on health and housing services, during a time where they are already working hard due to the impact of the pandemic.
“It will allow tenants who are facing eviction, and may decide to take the opportunity to form extended bubbles over the festive period in line with relaxed guidance, time to effectively self-isolate afterwards should they come into contact with a positive person.
“Where there is evidence of serious anti-social or criminal behaviour, including in cases of domestic abuse, evictions can still proceed as normal.”
Tenants have been advised of the funding available.

Understanding your landlord statement
your landlord statement can be quite confusing, especially if you have had repairs recently, so I have created a dummy statement to use as an example. This is the landlords second statement. The rent is £1095.
Last month the landlord did not receive a rental payment as the expenses were greater than the rental income received.
The statement will carry the balance forward for the outstanding repairs as well as the rent.
As you can see the rental amount is for 2 months. This is because the system will carry over the details until a rental payment is made.
Only the amount of rent available can be used to pay the contractor, which is why the balance is split. An amount was deducted from the first rental income, and the balance deducted from the second. This means that you may see what looks like the same invoice being deducted multiple times, however if you look closely you will see the amounts in the written part changing.

I know it isn’t as neat as when the statements were created manually and I accumulated things and showed the balance carried forward, however once the balance has been paid our to you the balance will go back to £0 and the statement will look less cluttered.

Due to the new legislation changes and funding changes I have web meetings and a course today, so I wont be available for a zoom room, as always, please send an email to admin@glasgowpropertyletting.com with a suitable day and time and we can set up a call.

Hope that all is well and that wherever you are in the world that you are staying safe and looking forward to 2021.

Kindest Regards

Michelle O’Donnell
Branch Manager

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