“October was always the least dependable of months … full of ghosts and shadows.” – Joy Fielding

Let’s spark up October and make it better than September. – unknown

The end of the summer is not the end of the world. Here’s to October… – A.A. Milne

Dear All,

Well I had a very happy little boy last week once he found out that the ideas and inspiration he gave me as well as our chat were the main feature of the last email.

He went through the historic emails on https://glasgowpropertyletting.com/blog/ and was very pleased to find some other things he talked about had been mentioned!

We may have a lot of property matters to talk about, but sometimes it is nice to have a hot drink and share a story or two.

This morning my young prince came down stairs in t shirt, hoodie and joggers – 

“are you not going to school?” I asked.

“that’s today?!?!!” he shouted as he ran back upstairs to find his school things.

I realised that I had not laid out the school things as I usually do for him, there is a thin line between giving too much responsibility to do things and not enough to make rational decisions.

With no subtle or subconscious link at all, we are entering that time of year when boiler and heaters are being turned back on.  I turned mine on last week when Glasgow had that cold snap.

I plan to send the tenants out a guide about boiler pressure and how to check if the boiler pressure is at “0” and how to top up the boiler.

Most gas safety certificates indicate if there is a filling loop on the system or a recommendation to have one.  it is a simple adjustment to the boiler and can save many call outs to top up the boiler pressure.  Maybe something to think about going forward.

If you have not received your landlord log in details for the software system and would like them, please let me know and I will send them over to you.  It means that you can see the statements and certificates all in one place.

Legislation has been published to bring into law the new restrictions announced by the Scottish First Minister on Tuesday. The legislation confirms that visiting people’s homes for work or to facilitate a house move is still permitted. This means that landlords and letting agents can continue to visit properties for viewings, move ins, move outs and repairs/safety checks.

The minimum EPC regulations were withdrawn from parliament at the last minute due to the coronavirus pandemic. We don’t yet know when they will be re-laid before parliament but it is likely it won’t be until next year at the earliest. For details of what the government’s plans are for a minimum EPC standard and information on ways to improve EPC ratings can be found here.

Today is international coffee day, as the office is still closed and we are working remotely we cannot take advantage of the lovely coffee shops in the city.  I am lucky enough to live close to a coffee factory and the smell of the coffee and the bakery beside it is divine.  I will add that is the closest I get to coffee, Ive not drank it in a long time, keeps me awake at night!

Just a short email this week to check in with everyone, assure you that Colin and I are still here and ready to help with any issues that you may be having with the property.  Council tax and the utility companies seem to have a 10 week turnaround time at the moment, which is frustrating, but given the volume of data they are dealing with, and probably short staffed they are trying their best.  I tent to email the companies as much as possible so I have an audit trail and can refer back to the dates they were given the information.

Take care, stay safe and you know where we are if you need us

Kindest Regards

Michelle O’Donnell

Branch Manager

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