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Dear all,

I maybe a little excited about the Landlord email this week as it is very much all about our managing director Colin Macmillan who was a vocal star last week during a citylets podcast.

One word to describe the recent Glasgow rental market would be ‘frenetic’, and Let’s Talk invited Glasgow Property Letting’s Founder and Managing Director, Colin Macmillan, on the show to discuss the city’s market in detail.

Glasgow was the only Scottish city to record positive annual growth across all property types during Q2, and Citylets’ recent provisional data suggests that Glasgow’s average rents will experience unprecedented double digit annual growth. Colin chats about how his properties have fared in the past few months in relation to Citylets’ findings.

With very high demand relative to supply, Colin discusses his views on the reasons and also mentions the sales market and whether landlords have chosen to sell during these times.

Playing ball

Host Gillian Semmler and Colin look at the potential ramifications of steep rent rises and whether policy makers will take action and, if so, for the better or worse for the city’s private rented sector.

Colin founded GPL in 2008 and chats about his agency, their values and his staff. Colin also reveals his passion for tennis and how he still plays competitively in the national leagues.

This link to listen is at

As a famously disappointing TV show ( thought the last season ruined the rest of the show)  would say “Winter is coming” and Colin has suggested putting filling loops onto boilers that do not have them to allow tenants to top up pressure easily.  We estimate that the filling loop cost is £20 and will try to have them installed when the gas engineer is out to avoid an extra call out.

Also we are going to send out a tenant email about topping up of the boiler and bleeding radiators.  Summer passed so quickly and the cold weather has already been creeping in with the reports of the worst winter ever, heaviest snow fall etc, which facebook memories reminded me that every year the stories are the same.

Talking of Facebook, as you are aware Facebook / WhatsApp and Instagram were down earlier in the week, if you sent anything to the team using those means, please resend – just in case.

I did fall down the rabbit hole of twitter memes as that was the only social media platform operational and their funny PR team were out in hilarious force from Wimpy to MySpace getting in on the #InternetDown!

Take care and stay safe.

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