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West of Scotland Restrictions

Following the announcement of local coronavirus restrictions for Glasgow City, East Renfrewshire and West Dunbartonshire, the Scottish Government has updated its guidance for landlords and letting agents.

The government advice is that landlords and letting agents in the affected areas can continue to follow phase 3 guidance and exert extra vigilance. Broadly speaking, the phase 3 guidance permits landlords/letting agents to carry out all their normal business activities provided they adhere to social distancing/hygiene guidance.

Disabled homeless man wins ‘no DSS’ case against estate agency

A homeless father of four with disabilities who was refused the chance to rent a private flat because he fell foul of the estate agents’ “no DSS” rules was unlawfully discriminated against, a court has ruled. In her ruling in the Tyler case, the judge, Mary Stacey, said: “There is no doubt that there was a blanket policy that no one in receipt of housing benefit would be considered for the three properties. It put the claimant and other disabled people at a particular disadvantage when compared to others.” To be told simply, because of his benefit status, that he could not apply for three properties which were perfectly located for his children’s school, his GP and health needs, and extended family support … would be distressing.” The full article can be viewed here: <>

Gas Safety Week

Between 14th – 20th September is Gas Safety week, which is an awareness campaign to get people thinking about and checking their gas appliances, as autumn starts to take hold. The demand for gas safety and heating engineers surges in October and November as boilers and heaters start firing up after the summer lull.

National Read a Book Day

For those who didn’t know, Sunday 6th September was National Read a Book Day in the UK. I don’t know about you, but I could use a ‘National Read a Book Year!’

Here are five reasons why reading a book is a brilliant way to pass the time.

  • Escapism – Let’s face it, 2020 has been a year most of us would like to forget and what better way of doing that than losing yourself in a good book?
  • Relaxation – Scrolling through phones or being glued to a screen isn’t a smart way to chill out. Immersing yourself in a good story is, plus it gives you time away from technology so your brain can slowly unwind.
  • Cost – Charity shops are great places to bag a literary bargain. As are libraries where books are free, when they reopen again fully.
  • Growth – Books can open the world to you by sharing stories from around the globe and from different people and life experiences.
  • Versatile – Reading doesn’t necessarily have to involve paper books. With other options including comics, e-books and of course audiobooks.



I will be bidding farewell to GPL and relocating to Newcastle to commence a role as Graduate Surveyor with a view of becoming Chartered. It has been a pleasure helping Landlords as part of my role as Lettings Negotiator and I have learned a lot from my time here at GPL thanks to my colleagues Colin and Michelle who have been fantastic support. I finish up toward the end of this month (Friday 25th) and it is my aim to tie up and any outstanding matters I may have with you by this time.

I would suggest that emails be sent to rather than mine so that the others can see the correspondence.

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