Dear All,

Change of voice this week as I am using the landlord email to introduce myself and also the company, Aspray, we are working with for insurance claims, but not to worry Michelle has already drafted next weeks email filled with her usual quotes and jokes.

As a recent addition to the team this is my first experience working in the rental market. I have come from a property sales background as an estate agent and auctioneer of over 15 years dealing with both the high and low end of the Scottish property market. If any of you are keen to add to your portfolio I’m always happy to discuss potential prospects if you have any concerns.

I am currently arranging with Pinstripe to carry out inspections of the properties, as you are aware we have not been able to carry these out due to restrictions and are working with tenants to arranging a safe socially distanced inspection with them.

The inspection reports are uploaded ontoour system and we send out an email with the details.  You can also find them on the system If you log into your landlord portal on the property management software

Company ID : 4261

Hopefully an insurance claim will not be needed to be started at your property, but should it happen, we have been working with a company called Aspray who are experts in insurance claims and have kindly sent the below information to be passed on.

Caring for your claim when your home or business property has been damaged 

If your property has been damaged and you are making a claim on your insurance policy, Aspray Glasgow West can help!

Whether the damage is caused by fire, flood, escape of water, impact, storm, subsidence, or another insurance peril, Aspray can deal with your insurer directly, ensuring a fair settlement is agreed.

We also work with vetted contractors to project manage the reinstatement works, restoring your home or business property to its pre-loss condition as swiftly as possible.

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A Loss Assessor works in the best interests of the policyholder.
Sometimes known as a public Loss Adjuster, a Loss Assessor manages property damage insurance claims on behalf of the policyholder, working towards achieving a fair settlement from the insurance company.


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Having worked in the sales side of property for many years, lettings is quite an enjoyable change of pace and a very different environment.

As Michelle usually closes with a story, musing, pub or joke and in the Halloween spirit “Where do ghosts go on holiday? Mali-BOO!”

Kindest Regards

Robin Moffett

Property Consultnant

17 Elmbank Street


G2 4PB

0141 221 3990


Registration number LARN1903009

VAT : 174415411


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