Dear all,

Apparently today is international Bat day, didn’t know such a thing existed, you live and learn.

After I sent the landlord email last week, I was updating the social media side for Glasgow property letting and thought – why don’t I tweet Scottish gas!  Which I did and I have received some certificates, had some sent to those of you with Scottish / British gas contracts and felt like a bit of a fool for not thinking about that before as twitter is my personal social media escape!

Changes to notice

Scotland first minister has confirmed that the emergency restrictions on evictions due to the impact of the coronations will be extended until March 2021, subject to parliamentary approval.

Although many campaigning groups have welcomed the announcement by Nicola Sturgeon, the Scottish Parliament has yet to debate and agree this position.

The Scottish Association of landlords (SAL) believe that extending the emergency measures on evictions will only push a critical problem into the future when it needs to be tackled head-on now.

There is action you can take by contacting your MSPs now.

Every property has a constituency MSP and several regional MSPs (โ€œlistโ€ MSPs). Please copy SAL and Glasgow Property letting into your communications and send any reply you receive.  We will then forward the replies to so that they can  note your experiences and make reference to these in future campaigning work.

SAL continues to work on behalf of members with politicians across the political spectrum as well as government policymakers.  SAL will focus their efforts on fighting unfair legislation which they believe damages the overall housing sector.

Key matters

I do like a good pun and word play and as I am keeping this email fairly short – in the hope that you can drop an email to the MSP for your property –   I have attached the latest safe deposit magazine called “key matters” which has some interesting facts and figures about the type of tenants that have been starting leases through lock down.

As I have mentioned  the type of tenant Glasgow Property Letting have on the whole has changed due to the Private Rented Tenancy, we do not have many student tenants and the ones we do have are mature students, 4th year, PHD, we have more professionals than we have had historically and we are seeing a reduced void compared to other agents and the statistics.

Thank you for the reviews and positive feed back, it all helps and is greatly appreciated.

Bank holiday Monday

Monday the 31st August is a bank holiday which as you may remember from a previous email I can not carry out any banking, 21st Century and internet banking doesn’t happen on a bank holiday.  We do have a couple of tenancy start dates for the 31st which will go ahead, but for the most part we are closed for the long weekend, reopen Tuesday 1st September.  Although we are still all working from home and it being a bank holiday weekend in Scotland it will probably be fairly dreich,


 As always, take care, stay safe and please contact us on or the office number 0141 221 3990 which is being diverted through to our mobiles

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