Dear all,

Hope that this week has treated you well.

15th May 2020 is …
136th day of the year. There are then 230 days left in 2020.
20th Friday of 2020.
on the 20th week of 2020.
and that has been part of the learning from home this week in our house! Not sure if it has brought the mood down or was a bit of math fun.

Self-Assessment Tax returns

You may or may not have received your letter regarding the self-assessment from HMRC. As you know we offer a year statement at a reduced price of £20+VAT(£24) which may assist. I am planning on doing my own this weekend, with the hope it will be as straight forward as I remember from last year and I will be able to assist if I can.
Beware the scam emails and text messages . If you do not have a long lost uncle, chances are his solicitor is not tracking you down and needs finance for funds transfer.
The Government is trying to catch these people and you can forward any emails that look slightly wrong to At this time the emails are frequent. Personally I have already had one, which is so similar to an HMRC email that if not for the slightly wrong email address I could have clicked a link.

I have attached the landlord check list which is more geared for new landlords, but it is always good to have a refresh of the process.

The landlord registration procedure has changed

While we are in a slightly strange time, it may be an idea to log onto
to check when your landlord registration is due for renewal.
You now only get an email reminder 3 months in advance and then if you miss the deadline £120 fine on top of the renewal rate.
I have mentioned this in the past. The aim of registration is to ensure that all private landlords in Scotland are fit and proper to be letting residential property.

There are a few exceptions to registration, for example:
• if you are a resident landlord in the rented property,
• if you let to family members
• if the property is let as holiday accommodation.

If you have property in more than one council district, you must register in each council. The onus is on the owner of the property to register. If there are multiple owners of a property they must all apply for registration.

You have previously been asked to provide :
• your name,
• address,
• date of birth
• and the addresses of all properties you let.

You will now also need to give the name and address of any agent you use and a contact address for any queries regarding the property.
Our details can be found at the letting agent registration site which has all out details and the registration number LARN1903009 .

You will be required to complete a series of questions called ‘Your Obligations’, answering YES / NO / NOT APPLICABLE to the following questions
• Do your properties comply with the repairing & tolerable standards?
• Do you have a gas safety certificate for properties with gas?
• Do your properties have a current Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) or a current Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC)?
• Do any properties you let with electrical appliances have a current Portable Appliance Test (PAT) report?
• Does every property you rent out meet current statutory guidance for provision of fire, smoke and heat detection?
• Does every property you rent out meet statutory guidance for carbon monoxide alarms?
• Does Scottish Water supply your rental properties?
• Does any private water supply (i.e. not provided by Scottish Water) in all your rental properties meet the required regulations?
• Do you have a valid Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) available for new tenants?
• Has a legionella risk assessment been carried out on every rental property and have safety concerns been addressed? • If you rent out a property that is a flat/tenement, do you have the appropriate buildings insurance?
• Are you aware of your obligations for any common repairs?
• If you plan to take or have taken a deposit are you aware of your tenancy deposit obligations?

Please send an email through to if you need confirmation of the certificate being carried out and if they are in date.

Citylets quarterly report

One of our advertising portals has released its latest report. The general feel is the market is still buoyant, tenants are still moving out and moving in , people still need somewhere to live.

For some reason I have found in this week of lock down I have not been my best, and several times I have asked myself how to use this feeling to fuel a better inner strength so I have been connecting with old friends from university and college, one of whom asked me about landlord registration changing which was where this email thread started from.

As this seems to have become a weekly email, and it should be relevant even if the legislation changes and updates are not as many as in March / April, Is there anything in the lettings world that you would like to know? Has there been a piece of legislation that has been puzzling you or something you have read and though “hmmm, is that right?” Do you have a great tip for staying positive during this time? Please, email and we can use feedback to tailor a future email.

Take care, stay safe and have a lovely weekend,

Kindest Regards

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Branch Manager

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VAT : 174415411

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